Turkey Golf, September 2019 Report

Well we were lucky with our flights with Thomas Cook, on time both ways. If we had gone the day after, we might still be in Turkey.

Flights were good and transfer to hotel good. Champagne provided when we got to the coach. We have to start drinking early to get used the All-inclusive offer.

The hotel was phenomenal. It looked just like a cruise ship.

In the coach going to the Hotel, it was suggested by John Martin that we comply with Sharia law whilst on holiday and anyone messing with the draw sheet would have their hand cut off. So guess what. Yes John who should have been in the first group, arrived just in time for the last group. His golf one handed was quite good. If fact he plays onehanded now.

The golf at Dunes was very good considering most were hungover. Kevin Bolton came in with the best score of 36, followed by Jay Chambers with 35. Chris Waterfield had the best score of 32 amongst the ladies.

On day 2 at Pines with another hot day of 35°, John Leigh and Kevin Bolton both scored 33 points. Barbara Johnson with 26 and Betty Fallows with 25 were the best scores amongst the ladies.

Day 3 we were back at Dunes for another blisteringly hot day, and Barbara Johnson had a very good 27, followed by Frances Sinnott with 24. The mens winner was Johnny Shepherd with 33, followed by Jay Chambers on 29.

Day 4 we played a beautiful course called Titanic. John Martins’ hand must have started to heal because he scored a remarkable 36, followed by the bandit called Kevin Bolton with 33. The ladies winner on day 4 was Carol Howard with 26 and Betty Fallows with 22.

The overall Ladies winner was Betty fallows with 90 points and the Mens winner was Kevin Bolton with a score of 130.










Jeff Hindle Memorial Cup at Birchwood

Enough time has gone by since the passing of Jeff for there to be people out there who do not know the significance of Jeff to the PGS. Back in the late 1980’s/early 90’s the society nearly ground to a stop. I recall one event where only 8 people stayed after the golf for something to eat. Initially Brendan Brady gave the Portland the kiss of life by taking on the Secretaries post and injected some structure into the system. Later Jeff took on the task and the membership frailty was a thing of the past. We had events with over 50 competitors and filled hotels on our golfing breaks to Wales. The power boys certainly switched the society on and Bill Harris has kept things afloat since. Three cheers for ELP who helped the PGS survive.

Back to Birchwood where the inclement weather had took its toll on the course. It was very soft and lush. The greens were bagatelles. Mere bagatelles 3 of our luckier players might say.

Top 10

Player Score Posn. Prior Post Why
Tobin T 35 1 8.4 7.8 1st
Garner M 35 2 22.95 20.95 2nd
Murray B 34 3 28 27 3rd
Harris W 32   7.6 7.6 buffer
Martin J 30   24.9 24.9 buffer
Claffy M 29   22.1 22.3 buffer
Coburn J 28   18.8 19 0.2
Haynes G 28   9 9.2 0.2
McGovern D 26   15.3 15.5 0.2
Derbyshire P 24   28 28 max


 Nearest the Pins etc


Any 2's

Hole 4 Terry Tobin Yes
Hole 7 Mel Garner Yes
Hole 10 Steve Payne No
Hole 12 Kieran Dunn Yes Dave McGovern
Hole 17 Martin Claffy  
Longest drive Terry Tobin  


So at least Brian Murray can send his guard dog back to the kennels now the 2’s pot has been emptied.

Frances handed out a quiz for us to ponder. It was probably won by Terry Tobin he won everything else. I think if your 1st and 2nd names start with the same letter and have the same number of letters you should be barred from all competitions.  I’ll put it forward at the AGM there will be no shortage of seconders. Next stop Deane remember your tin hats.




Rowes Bowl @ Hazel Grove GC Report, Thursday July 25th 2019

Well Pete Derbyshire worked his magic for this one it turned out to be the hottest day of the year so far. The challenge of hills had been replaced by the heat. The course was in great condition and the trees had filled out making it a tougher than last time we played here. With 5 par 3’s surely somebody was going to get a 2. See the tables below.

Top 10
Player Score Posn Prior Post Why
Lancaster P 38 1 15.5 13 5>34
Garner M 36 2 25.95 22.95 3>34
Brook T 34 3 18 17.5 3rd
Tobin T 32   8.4 8.4 duffer
Haynes G 31   9 9 buffer
Payne S 30   28 28 suffer
Coburn J 29   18.6 18.8 0.2
Regan D 29   28 28 max
Southworth A 28   27.7 27.9 0.2
Bolton K 27   21 21.2 0.2


Some good scores in how they did on the par 3's. Nearest the pins below

Hole 2 Phil Lancaster
Hole 5 Mel Garner
Hole 9 Andy Southworth
Hole 11 Geoff Haynes
Hole 13 Pete Derbyshire
Longest Drive Mel Garner


To extend the excitement further a nearest pin with your 2nd shot was set up on par 4's

15 Graham Murray
18 Phil Lancaster


Once again there were no 2’s. Securicor will at the next event to escort anybody who manages a 2 home. With a nearest the pin with your 2nd on the 18th a few people chose to sit on the bench watching others finish. Howard Dickson in his enthusiasm to cheer a good shot managed to swallow a wasp. Like most of the putting it was a bit jabby and stung his bottom lip. This could have been in response to Howard’s rather racy tattoo of a wasp on his calf. Our lovely Captain was escorted round the course by the brothers Regan. She said she had a lovely round and was impressed by boys fussing over her. I guess you could call it brotherly love.  Being a carnivore I found the meal simply divine. Steak and chips with a sauce that I’d have to describe as lovely. It may not have suited Vegans. Congratulations to the top finishers they all had a good driving day which makes the game easier. Can anybody putt? Find out next time at Birchwood. NB for >34 read >33 oops.